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Tuesday October 2, 2018
6:30pm at MassBay Community College, Wellesley
Office Tools Part 2 -- More Good Stuff for Running Your Business

About the meeting
Adam will continue his in-depth discussion of the vital computer tools needed by a modern office.
Some are newer, some older, some web-based, some local, some hardware, some software. Topics include: keeping in touch with customers, vendors, and colleagues. Domain name management. Business insurance. Machine security. Accounting tools. And much more. He got part way into the topic last month…this month he continues as there's much to cover.

About the speaker, Adam Frost
Adam Frost has spoken to the group a number of times and his presentations are widely appreciated. He works as the coordinator of Computer Care and Learning, an educationally-oriented computer helping company. While some of our colleagues and competitors encourage "outsourcing" of all computer care to them, we encourage our customers to get to know their computers and train their staff in computer care. We find this helps our customers develop deep skills in computer use as a key part of business strategy and action.

Computer Care and Learning has a longstanding internship program, where we train people to be skilled computer helpers, and we also help run the Get Connected! clinic, which provides refurbished computers to customers with low and moderate incomes.

To learn more, come to the meeting, call Adam's company at 617-325-9526, or email

About the location
The meeting will be held at Massachusetts Bay Community College (MassBay) in Wellesley Hills. We will meet in a room to be determined(follow the signs).
You will need to have a free parking permit and directions. These are located online (print yours) at

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(We plan to videotape this meeting for later viewing and possibly broadcast.)

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