Next General Meeting
Tuesday August 2, 2016
6:30pm at MBCC
Building a Book: From Idea to Shelf

About the meeting:

The world of publishing has changed radically in the past two decades. Reliable time-tested methods of publishing books for commercial consumption have been replaced by a rapidly changing assortment of options for authors, publishers, and readers. The internet, the economics of publishing, and new tools have changed everything. It's the wild wild West, and anything goes.

This presentation will look at the process of book publishing, both how it used to be (and why that way was successful) and how it is today.

Surprisingly, much in publishing has not changed. Good editors and good designers are still essential, as are good printers. But the process of going from manuscript to printed book, and then getting that book to readers, has changed profoundly. Writing and revising text is now quick and easy, and the tools of design and layout (both in print and on the web) are inexpensive and easily available. If effect, anyone with a laptop can now be a publisher. The important question is: If anyone can make a book, will anything be any good?

About our speaker:

Randall Warniers is a freelance editor, book designer, and book publisher who spent nearly two decades in the world of publishing as managing editor of a research journal at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. He is also a photographer and a photography instructor at the Cambridge Center for Adult Education, an instructor in 19th-century British literature at Acton-Boxborough Community Education, and a facilitator and member of the leadership team at Acton Networkers.

(We may videotape this meeting for later viewing and possibly broadcast.)

About our location:

The meeting will be held at Massachusetts Bay Community College in Wellesley Hills.
You will need to have a free parking permit and directions. These are located online (print yours) at

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