Executive Board Meeting Minutes

Online meeting, June 18, 2018
Attending: Adam Arnie Barton Charisse Glenn Jeff Jerry Kathleen Stan Steve Theo

Moved and passed: The group will hold meetings in Wellesley at MassBay and at Microsoft in Burlington in alternating months. We will re-examine attendence at the two locations in retrospect, in 6 months.

Upcoming meetings & topics
July 10 - MassBay - Farokh/Heimdal Security
Aug 7 - Location TBD - Tony?
Sep 11 - Location TBD - Tony? (note Tony of MassBay to present at one of these dates)
Oct 2 - TBD
Nov 6 - TBD
Dec 4 - Location TBD - Technology futures

Tony has volunteered to give a tour and talk about the lab he's set up at MassBay. Steve & Evie to check with Tony on his preference to present in either Aug or Sept and report back to the group.

Outreach is set up. Adam to lead, mail outreach@bnug.org. Everyone to try to bring in new BNUG members and speakers. Charisse has two possibilities she will work on (Schneider Electric, Fluke).

Also, Steve and Evie plan to attend conference on July 19, and will canvass the exhibitors to see if any are interested in speaking to the group.