May 1, 2007

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New England Cable News Network
Studio and Network Operations Center Tour

John Mehrtens, NECN information systems manager
John Mehrtens, NECN's manager of information systems & technology,
hosted a BNUG visit to NECN's facilies in Newton, MA

NECN control room
NECN's internal data network may not be
as glamorous as all the video production and
editing systems, but it is essential to keeping
the broadcast operations running smoothly.

NECN tape library
Information processing and data networking
is essential to NECN's operations. The tape library
is indexed in a networked database. New video is being stored digitally so that production can retrieve archival footage easily when assembling stories for broadcast.

John Mehrtens and LAN facilities
Security and reliability are major concerns. A completely separate
WiFi network is available to visitors so that NECN
can keep unsecure laptops isolated from the wired LAN.

path panels and server racks
NECN maintains a number of
WAN connections.
Some provide a two-way channel
for moving broadcast content
between NECN and its affiliates.
pre-tour briefing
BNUG members received a
detailed pre-tour briefing
about the information systems
which are used to support
NECN broadcast operations.

video editing room
Video editing is completely digital.
This room is devoted to the
broadcast weather reports.
pre-tour briefing
BNUG president Mark Kushinsky
with members gathered in the
NECN reception area.

BNUG in the newsroom
BNUG members mill around in the NECN newsroom
prior to a NECN nightly news broadcast.

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